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RealScout’s full-browser search experience keeps clients inside a safe haven for collaboration – no ads for other agents.

Rapid Listing Alerts

Notify your clients of new listings faster, using our natural language emails branded for you. Alerts are customized for every buyer.

Property Comparison

Our industry-first property comparison feature automatically displays listings side-by-side, room-by-room using machine learning.

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Maximize Agent Adoption

After 100+ brokerage implementations, we have enterprise product launches down to a science. With live trainings, white-glove listing alert migration, and 99% customer satisfaction on support tickets, we consistently see 40-60% agent adoption.

Insure Your
Online Marketing

RealScout keeps you and your brand front and center throughout the home search. Leads flow directly from Zillow, Trulia and into RealScout, where our customers cite a 100% lift in lead conversion rates.

Leverage City-Wide Buyer Demand Insights to Win Listings

When you know where the buyers are, and what the buyers want, your proposition to sellers becomes dramatically stronger. When you connect listings to other agents with matching buyers, your bottom line booms.

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