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Andrew Flachner Andrew Flachner being goofy

Andrew Flachner

Founder / CEO

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur with a background in real estate and early stage technology companies. Before RealScout, Andrew was CEO at the double dating website DuoDater and cofounder at Natural Cravings, a healthy vending company that was acquired in 2012.
Michael Parikh Michael Parikh being goofy

Michael Parikh

Founder / CTO

Michael is a technical entrepreneur who is constantly looking for ways to make an impact. He oversees product development, engineering and user experience. Before founding RealScout, Michael served as founder and CTO at DuoDater, as well as CTO for Circa, a Tugboat Ventures funded App.
Duke Fan Duke Fan being goofy

Duke Fan

Head of Product

Duke is passionate about building great products and teams. He comes to RealScout with 20+ years of product management experience from big and small companies. He was at Yahoo! almost 9 years where he lived and breathed personalization, and at over 5 years where he championed mobile efforts. His three kids love Minecraft.
Arthur Kaneko Arthur Kaneko being goofy

Arthur Kaneko


Arthur is a ex-venture capitalist with a passion for startups. Before RealScout, he was Investment VP at DCM where he invested in startups in the U.S. and Japan. Before that, he was Product Manager at Togetherville, a kids technology startup acquired by Disney interactive.
Chris Conley Chris Conley being goofy

Chris Conley

Director of Engineering

Chris brings a keen focus on building the right things at the right time to the RealScout engineering team. Prior to RealScout, he co-founded one of the first civic apps in the country,, was co-founder and CTO of an accelerator-backed startup, and led development at Monetate as an engineering director.
Pierre Pierre being goofy

Pierre Calzadilla

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

Pierre comes to RealScout with 14+ years of experience in the real estate industry. He is passionate about developing relationships, building teams, and driving revenue. When he isn’t building a new business or playing with his 3 boys, he is managing his 501c3 non-profit,, an organization that helps fathers across various socio-economic levels become more inspired and responsible parents.
Bart Marchioni Bart Marchioni being goofy

Bart Marchioni

Director of Member Success

Bart is a 20+ year veteran of both the high-tech and real estate industries and has experience ranging from startups to large enterprises; most recently in building real estate businesses. As Director of Member Success, he and his team help all our members grow their real estate practices using RealScout to engage, convert and close more business.
Betty Kayton Betty Kayton

Betty Kayton


Betty has acted as interim CFO for many venture-backed startups including Dropbox and Cardpool. She helps RealScout with strategic planning, budgeting and operations. And she loves her teddy bears!
Helena Helana

Helena Winkler

Head of Marketing

Helena is passionate about all aspects of marketing and having it drive value and business growth for customers and company alike. Before joining RealScout Helena held senior marketing roles at Epicor, Attensity, and OpenText. She views life professionally and personally as a great adventure.


Andrea Gil Andrea Gil

Andrea Gil

Member Success Coach

Andrea brings to RealScout years of marketing and event coordination experience. She’s here to make sure our members are able to amplify the value they provide their clients.
Anthony Sosso Anthony Sosso

Anthony Sosso

Software Engineer

Anthony was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and remains a big Penguins fan. He found his love of well crafted software while in college at Virginia Tech, and has continued to make that a focus since moving to California. When not working, he’s reading The Food Lab, playing games, or at the gym.
Anna Marie Morales Anna Marie Morales

Anna Marie Morales

Strategic Accounts

Anna Marie is a Bay Area native that is in love with all that Silicon Valley has to offer. She attributes her career success to her passion for building strong relationships and creating win/win scenarios for her clients. When she is not busy at work, you can find Anna Marie lost in a good book or practicing yoga. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen, George R.R. Martin and Agatha Christie.
Billy Billy


True Frenchman

Billy was rescued in Utah and has enjoyed the laid back lifestyle as a Southern gent in Charleston, South Carolina before moving to California. When he’s not getting his zzz’s, he can be found resting in one of his four cozy beds or getting his daily exercise & playing with other dogs at “Doogleplex”, next door at Google. Billy has often been mistaken for a large white pig although he is a true Frenchman!
Brian Sardo Brian Sardo

Brian Sardo

Software Engineer

Brian brings a diverse engineering background and a passion for technology and startups. Prior to RealScout, Brian co-founded StriveZero, where he led web development, and worked at United Technologies building airframe components. He enjoys sports and traveling in his spare time and he loves a good laugh.
Bryan Kay Bryan Kay

Bryan Kay

Product Manager

Bryan joins the Product team with insight into agent/client relationships and the home search experience from previously being on our Member Success team. As a native Californian, Bryan enjoys several outdoor activities especially kayaking, hiking and relaxing on the beach. He loves the challenge of solving complex problems and is thrilled to be working on a product that helps both agents and their clients win big!
Dane Dismuke Dane Dismuke

Dane Dismuke

Member Success Coach

When he’s not playing video games or laying on the beach in Maui, you can find Dane providing support to our RealScout members. Dane is a Bay Area local with over a decade of customer service experience and is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. Go Hawks!
Daniel Klein Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein

Data Scientist

A Minnesota native, Daniel comes to the Bay Area from the East Coast, after years cocooned in Ph.D. work at Brown’s Division of Applied Mathematics. Joining RealScout by way of 8VC’s Catenus apprenticeship, he’s excited to get his hands dirty here. When he’s not turning data, alchemy-like, into wisdom, he enjoys distance running and playing instruments from the distinguished (cello) to the goofy (otamatone).
Davide Curletti Davide Curletti

Davide Curletti

Software Engineer

Davide is a diehard Michigander who previously spent two years creating visual effects for Hollywood feature films. Since then, he has been honing his full-stack knowledge to create attractive and performant apps. He ravenously consumes films and TV shows, but manages to balance that with early morning hoops and late evening volleyball leagues.
Fay Nazarian Fay Nazarian

Fay Nazarian

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Fay is an Australian native who has lived in the Silicon Valley area for over 15 years and enjoys the California weather. With over 10 years of sales and business development experience in different industries, she decided to join the RealScout team to make a strong impact. In her spare time she loves to go hiking and enjoys traveling.
Gil Raphaelli Gil Raphaelli

Gil Raphaelli

Software Engineer

Gil joins RealScout following years of developing and operating large scale infrastructure at Comcast, Flickr, and Monetate. He reports in from his adopted home town, sunny Philadelphia, PA where he enjoys food, biking and going down to the shore.
Julian Jamison Julian Jamison

Julian Jamison

Member Success Coach

Julian is a cool & calm Tennessee native and a former collegiate athlete. He immediately fell in love with the Bay Area because of its diversity. Julian was a freelance WordPress developer prior to RealScout. In his free time, he loves to BBQ while watching sports with friends.
Luis Castro Luis Castro

Luis Castro

Front End Developer

As a front-end developer and computer engineer, Luis works with RealScout to apply new techniques to the web and help combine code with design. A native of Venezuela, he has a specialized degree in rum-making, and spends his free time making new blends.
Meatball Meatball


Full Snack Developer

A retired hotdog eating champion, Meatball now resides at RealScout as their foremost full-snack developer. When he’s not jumping onto keyboards, you’ll find him playing with his frisbee, lounging in a beanbag, or trashcan surfing for food.
Megan Keefhaver Megan Keefhaver

Megan Keefhaver

Office Manager

Megan was born and raised in the Bay Area and has gained her experience in administrative work and excellent customer service skills at Nordstrom. Ultimately, she shows her personality through creating a fun office environment and dedication to organization. Megan enjoys staying active and cheering on the San Francisco Giants.
Molly McCaughin Molly McCaughin

Molly McCaughin

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Molly is a Bay Area native with over 9 years of sales and marketing experience. A genuine people-person, she has a zeal for building relationships and enjoys the challenge of identifying needs and providing innovative solutions. When not at the dog park with her French Bulldog, Billy, she can be found rooting on her Oakland Athletics!
Nic Cavigliano Nic Cavigliano

Nic Cavigliano

Software Engineer

Nic comes to RealScout with years of experience building applications from concept to fruition. He has been responsible for a myriad of projects and challenges in high performance and highly visible web sites. He’s an avid fan of technology, sports, cooking and problem solving. When he’s not hacking, Nic can be found playing basketball or cooking.
Nick Blumenthal Nick Blumenthal

Nick Blumenthal

Software Engineer

Nick is a full stack engineer with a passion for new technology and making cool stuff. When he isn’t coding for work and for fun, you can find him acquiring random skills, flying airplanes and cheering on his Louisville Cardinals.
Puja Parikh Puja Parikh

Puja Parikh

Business Operations Analyst

Puja joins Sales Ops with over three years of consulting and analytics experience. With a passion for data analysis and an MBA to boot, Puja loves applying her skills to disrupt real estate’s status quo! When she isn’t crunching numbers, Puja is crafting, painting, and spending time with her 1 year old son.
Russell Smith Russell Smith

Russell Smith

Strategic Accounts

Both Russell and his personality can be summed up in three words: larger-than-life. A former offensive lineman at the University of Oregon, Russell comes to RealScout from the rental side of the real estate technology industry. He spends his days at the office dancing ridiculously, playing with the dogs, and connecting real estate agents with the tools they need.
Rustin Afshordi Rustin Afshordi

Rustin Afshordi


aka The RealScout Brewmaster. Rustin spends his time brewing up new product ideas, as well as literally brewing our own RealScout team beer. He loves live music and can grow a beard on command.
Sergio Lopez Sergio Lopez

Sergio Lopez

Sales Support Coordinator

Sergio’s mantra is “Relationships build companies”. Between growing his beard and finding the next best coffee shop, Sergio enjoys spending time with his wife and experiencing the newness of life through the eyes of his son. He is passionate about how things are built and often takes rides on his long board to reflect on how to best improve upon processes to create greater efficiencies in his work.
Vedrana Kavalar Vedrana Kavalar

Vedrana Kavalar

Marketing Manager

Originally from Slovenia, Vedrana followed her heart and moved to California six years ago. She brings 7+ years of experience in communications and marketing to RealScout and is passionate about applying her skills to make an impact. When she is not working she can be found in a yoga studio, hiking, volunteering with Code for SF, or exploring San Francisco’s hidden gems.